WWE CEO Vince McMahon has not been backstage for the past few weeks during Raw and SmackDown. According to Wrestling Observer Radio, he is not coming to these shows because he has to do some work on XFL. If you do not know about the XFL, then tell us that it is an American Football League, which started in 2001 and also suffered a loss of $ 35 million in the same year.

# 1 Paul Heiman and Eric Bishef Pay close attention to their respective brands

A few weeks ago, WWE appointed Paul Heyman as the executive director of Raw and Eric Bishef as SmackDown Live. We have seen the impact of Hayman in Raw but the same cannot be said about Bishef as he has not fully started his work in WWE.

Both of them will get a chance to do their work completely when Vince concentrates on the XFL. WWE would be of great benefit if these two were allowed to work without restraint.

# 2 there will be no change in the last minute

For the last few months, Vince has been changing the script of Raw and SmackDown Live for the last time and these changes have not proved to be good.

According to rumors, Vince recently changed the entire script of SmackDown 2 hours before the show, which led to rehearsals by the wrestlers and the show watchers took to Twitter to vent their anger, calling the show useless. Whatever script Paul Haiman and Eric Bisheff write will be the final for the show, that means there will be no change at the last moment.

# 3 WWE will create the content we want to see in the coming times

Fans are critical of WWE because the company does everything in its own way and what the fans want is being ignored.

As we said earlier, the WWE Universe no longer wants to see part-time wrestlers in the company. Also at the time of WrestleMania 35, fans wanted to see Kurt Angle vs. John Cena but were disappointed with what they were shown.

# 4 use part-time wrestlers less

Part-time wrestlers play a very important role for WWE (eg Brock Lassner, John Cena). Now, these wrestlers are older, due to which they cannot be kept in every show. So those people take part in only a few shows but this makes the fans disappointed. Now the WWE Universe wants to see full-time wrestlers replacing these legends because these superstars are the future of WWE.

Apart from this, Paul Heyman also wants to work with the superstars he currently has and instead of part-time wrestlers, he wants to grow the company with full-time wrestlers every week. Initially, it may make some fans feel bad, but if seen, it will