In the season premiere episode of Raw, Saith Rawlins will be defending the title against Legendary Ray Mysterio. Let me tell you, Mysterio made it to this match by winning a 5-man elimination match on Raw last week.

The Architect himself has said that this is going to be a dream match for him but he is confident that he will be able to defend his title against Mysterio. Rawlins grew up watching Mr. 619 wrestling in WWE and through this match, he has a chance to realize the greatness of Mysterio.

It is going to be a great match because we have seen these two superstars fighting against each other before. Now that there is not much time to get drafted and SmackDown Live is also preparing to go to Fox, so this time is quite unique for WWE fans.

In this article, we are going to talk about 5 possible endings of this match.

# 5. Mysterio’s defeat due to Andrade’s interference

Andrade has attacked Ray Mysterio on several occasions before but has never been in the news for this reason. There were many matches between these two superstars but in all these matches, Mr. 619 easily defeated them.

If Andrade wants to become a big superstar then this is the perfect opportunity for him. He is likely to divert the attention of Mysterio by interfering in this match, taking advantage of which Rawlins can defeat Mysterio.

# 4. The next victim of The Find

The match is most likely to interfere with The Find. Last week, The Find made Bron Strowman a victim during the Universal Championship match. For the Hell in a Cell PPV, The Find seems to have chosen Seth Rawlins as their prey, so he will hardly let any other superstars beat the Rawlins before becoming a universal champion.

Perhaps this is why he made Strowman his victim last week and is likely to attack Ray Mysterio by The Find in the Universal Championship match this week.

# 3. Bron Strowman will take revenge

The character of ‘The Monster Among Men’ has always been an angry person. He will be very angry with whatever happened to him in the past. Not only did Sath Rawlins defeat him cleanly in the Clash of Champions but last week The Find also made him his victim.

Bron Strowman does not take these things lightly and he will definitely take revenge. But as we have seen earlier, he does not take revenge directly on the person who has done wrong to him, rather he vents his anger on someone else. So we can expect that Strowman in the Universal Championship match to be held in Raw

#2. Sath Rawlins’ clean win

Since defeating Brock Lassner, the winning streak of Seth Rawlins continues, it seems that he is very difficult to stop. In addition to winning the Royal Rumble in 2019, pinning Bron Strowman, The Architect has twice defeated Brock Lassner.

It is certain that the Universal Championship match between Seth Rawlins and Ray Mysterio in the Raw season premiere is going to be a great match. But it is very likely that Rawlins will defend his title by defeating Mysterio cleanly in this match.

# 1. Rey Mysterio Roll-Up

However, the chances of this happening are quite low but we should not forget that Ray has been a world champion and he has been a part of the main event continuously. The victory by Mysterio via a roll-up or 619 can change the entire outline of the Universal Championship match to be held in Hell in a Cell.

Being part of the Fox Network of SmackDown and next month’s draft, we can’t say which champion is going to go to which brand in the future. If one of the biggest superstars in WWE history, Mysterio becomes the Universal Champion in this match, then the fans will like it. It also makes sense because for the past few weeks, The Find has lost the attention of Rawlins and in such a situation it will be very easy to defeat him.