The WWE draft is due again in three years. This draft will end the wild card rule. This is a good thing because the fans are starting to feel bored with the constant use of wrestlers. Anyway, when drafted, Raw had a good roster, while SmackDown’s roster was not as good. Over a period of time, it became known that the use of wrestlers, not big rosters, make stories and careers better.

Now after a long time being drafted again, Vince has to take some big and tough decisions. Will they again give a better roster to one show or do some other things they shouldn’t?

In this article, we are going to tell you about five things that should not be in the draft, but still will be:

5 things Vince McMahon should not do during the draft

# 1 Ignoring NXT Call-Ups

Last time when wrestlers from NXT were part of the main roster, at that time some did not get the opportunities that were expected. If the same happens this time, it will hurt stories and career.

# 2 making Brock Lassner the # 1 draft pick

Last time these were not the company’s first draft picks simply because USADA was in force at the time. This time it is not so, will the company start a big story by making him the first draft pick. It is expected that Brock will defeat Kofi and become WWE Champion in a SmackDown debut episode on Fox. If that happens, will there be any need for a draft pick?

# 3 having all tag teams in the same brand

If we talk about the last draft, the same brand had the best tag team and it was RAW who got this advantage. As time progressed, this advantage went to the part of SmackDown who impressed everyone with his work. In the tag team division, this brand is very good at the moment, but will the times change? Raw has the skill to perform well, and he can do something good.

# 4 making Momentum-rich superstars part of Raw in SmackDown

There are many wrestlers who are doing well in SmackDown. Usually, SmackDown sends wrestlers to Raw, causing damage to their Momentum. Except for John Cena and Miz, there is hardly any wrestler who has succeeded in making his place. Will Kevin Owens, Bailey, Ali, Buddy Murphy, and Andrade also be sent from one brand to another?

# 5 Giving one show a better roster than another

Raw was the last and best roster out of Raw and SmackDown. It is different than SmackDown proved itself better than work. Now the time has changed and whether SmackDown will get a better roster or not. So it remains to be seen whether the draft deal with Fox will show any effect or not. The draft will benefit Wrestlers’ career or allow the stories to move forward.