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WWE Raw Results :- September 23, 2019

Sath Rollins Vs Bron Strowman Saith Rawlins is in the ring while Strowman is coming. From the start of the match, Rawlins tried to attack Strowman but Bron started countering and hitting the champion. It seems that it is difficult… Continue Reading →

WWE Raw Results LIVE: September 9, 2019

Sath Rollins, Strowman, Cedric, Viking Raiders vs Ziggler, Rood, The OC All superstars are present in the ring. Saith and Ziggler start the match. All are beating Jiggler one by one right now. But have all these superstars clashed in… Continue Reading →

WWE NXT Takeover Results: 2 superstars fights in main event

The big PPV of WWE’s developmental brand NXT successfully ended the day before SummerSlam. NXT Takeover Toronto entertained the fans a lot and the show did not disappoint the audience under any circumstances. The event in Toronto took a total… Continue Reading →

WWE News: Big news of the day – September 27, 2019

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston bid big before the match against Brock Lassner Kofi has written that he enjoys when he proves fans and people wrong. Nothing is impossible. Next Friday, he has a chance to show his power to many… Continue Reading →

WWE Rumor Round Up: Famous superstar ready to return after 8 years, bad news for Lassner

If we take a look at the year 2019, it has proved to be a better year from the perspective of the fans. WWE found a new competitor in the form of AEW, with weekly shows starting in October, while… Continue Reading →

Top 5 occasions when Brey Wyatt lost to a winning spot

The tie character of Brey Wyatt is the best character of wrestling at this time. Bray, who was part of the main roster in 2013 with the Wyatt Family, attacked Kane and because of that everyone started to confront him…. Continue Reading →

Brock Lesnar’s 5 best matches in Smackdown history

Brock Lassner fought the match 15 years ago at SmackDown, but we must not forget that Ruthless was an important part of Lassner WWE in the Egra Era. After leaving the company in 2004, he made a comeback after 8… Continue Reading →

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