Sath Rollins vs Rusev

Both wrestlers have come into the ring. Rusev had a handshake with Saith as soon as the match started, during which Rusev made a failed attempt to pin the champion. Rusev holds the champion in a beer hug. Saith returns to win with the help of Sling Blade, and then with a reversed suplex, kicks his opponent out of the ring.

Rusev has arrived in the ring. Rawlins tries a cross body, which is stopped by the champion. Rawlins wants to return with the help of a Falcon Arrow but has not been able to win. Meanwhile Bobby Lashley has entered with Lana. Kissing Lashley and Lana in front of Rusev, it is clear that Lana has betrayed Rusev. Meanwhile, Find’s music has become a hit and he has attacked the champion Sath Rollins and ended with a tremendous episode of Raw.


Paul blames his client’s work on Vince McMahon and his team. They are saying that when Vince knows that Brock is in a fight mode, why did he invite Brock? According to Paul, his clients will defeat Kofi Kingston in the Fox premiere episode of SmackDown.

Lacey Evans vs Natalia

Lacey is in the ring while Natalia is in the ring. Lacey has taken the lead as soon as the match starts. Meanwhile, this match goes through Natalia’s hand and Lacey has won this match over Natalia.

Winner – Lacey Evans

AJ Styles vs Cedric Alexander

Both wrestlers have come into the ring. AJ Styles attacks his opponent at the start of the match but Cedric returns a dropkick. Styles has attacked him before the challenger moves next. On returning, Cedric struck the champion and he was about to get a three count to win the match that Styles has kicked out. AJ Styles tried Stiles Clash, but he has not been successful. On the other hand, Cedric’s attempt to a phenominal forearm has stopped.

AJ wins the match by turning a lumber check into a Stiles clash.

Winner – AJ Styles

Firefly Funhouse Segment

At the beginning of the segment, all the characters of the firefly funhouse are scared of how the fiend will eventually attack the Sath Rollins. Bray is saying that the fiends will try to save him. Meanwhile, he goes to talk to Find, but also comes back immediately. At the end of the segment, apart from his familiar style, he asks to buy every character. We will know its meaning in Hell in a Cell.

Ricoshe vs Cicero

Both wrestlers have come into the ring due to a backstage challenge. Ricoshe has hit a monkey flip on Cizero but failed to win it. Ricoshe won the match with the help of Harikana, a top rope.

Winner – Ricoshe

Viking Raiders vs OC

All four wrestlers have arrived in the ring. OC is trying to attack its opponents and has only been successful so far. One mistake in wrestling is a chance of profit for your opponent. Taking advantage of a mistake by OC, the Viking Raiders have returned to the match. Ivar wins the match with the help of a flying splash from the top rope.

Winner – Viking Raiders

Sath Rawlins vs Randy Orton

King Corbyn has come to help Randy before the start of the match. Corbin and Orton have double teamed on the Sath. But what has Rusev come to help Saith. Do we get to know the next superstars of Team Hogan and Flair?

Miz TV’s Segment (Special Guest Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair)

Miz has arrived in the ring. He wished Ray Mysterio and Dominic good health as soon as he arrived. Rick and Hulk get into the ring. Miz is praising both legends. Rick is praising Hulk, and Hulk is praising Rick. Ric Flair is saying that he does not think he can compete.

The Miz has announced that Team Hogan and Team Flair will fight each other at the Crown Jewel. Team Hogan will be captained by Universal champion Sath Rollins, while Team Flair will be captained by Randy Orton. Randy has challenged the Universal Champion as soon as he arrives.

Raw Tag Team Champions Dolph Ziggler and Robert Rude vs Heavy Machinery (Raw Tag Team Championship Match)

All wrestlers have arrived in the ring. From the beginning of the match, the champions have taken the lead but what are the Challengers also returning in the match. Heavy Machinery has slammed the Champions in the middle of the ring. The Champions would not have expected such a performance.

Robert Rudd has Tucker out of the ring. Because of this, the Challengers are facing difficulty. Dolph comes into the ring because of a tag. Champions are putting the challengers in trouble with the help of a tag. But what if Dolph used bad words against Tucker and with the help of this chance Tucker tagged Otis.

Otis tries to win with the help of a caterpillar but Dolph has stopped it from happening. Robert wins the match with the help of a DDT.

Winner – Raw Tag Team Champions Dolph Ziggler and Robert Rood

Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks

Both wrestlers are in the ring, while Raw Women’s Champion is on commentary. Sasha Banks attacks Alexa Bliss at the start of the match. This match has now come to ringside from the ring. Sasha Banks wins the match by attacking at the feet of Alexa Bliss.

Winner – Sasha Banks

Becky Lynch is in the ring after the match, but Sasha Banks is out of the ring.

Ray Mysterio’s Segment

Ray Mysterio arrives in the ring. Before he could say anything, Brock came into the ring and snatched Mike from Ray and gave it to Paul Hayman, but Ray withdrew from him. Brock gives Ray an F5. He is moving towards Ray’s son Dominic and has also given Dominic an F5 in the ring. Brock is not taking the name of the stop in any way. They are constantly attacking Ray and Dominic. No security person is stopping them.

Is this the start of a new RAW?