Becky Lynch’s interview was going on that Sasha Banks attacked in the back and hit her badly. The referee and official are coming and telling Banks to leave. Becky is screaming with pain and the episode of SmackDown ends here.

Shane McMahon’s Segment

Shane McMahon is out, solving the case by Kevin Owens. Shane played Owens’ music and Owens came to the ring from the crowd. Shane is introducing all his lawyers. Shane is saying that he has spent many years on Owens, so this case is useless. The second is that Owens withdraw his case, which will end the fine on Owens. Shane has put his hand forward.

Kevin Owens is speaking about Shane being the biggest maniac. Owens is saying that Shane Locker is not worth the money and this case is not just about money. Owens said that if there was to be another match in which if Shane wins, then what he wants will happen and he will fire, if Kevin Owens wins Shane McMahon will have to go out of WWE. Owens said why not decide a ladder match Go in which all the documents will be up.

Kabuki Warriors (Asuka-Kyari Sen) Vs Mandy Rose and Sonya Devil

First Kabuki Warriors entered, followed by Mandy and Devil. Asuka is getting attentive but she is also reversing. Mandy-Sonya has caught the match. Kabuki Warriors easily won this match.

Winner – Kabuki Warriors

New Day (Xavier Woods and Big E) Vs B Team (Bo Dalas-Curtis Axel)

Both teams are in the ring, first, the B team attacks New Day but as New Day makes a comeback Dalas-Alexel has no chance. New Day won this match with Asani.

Winner – New Day

Ali Vs Shinske Nakamura

Both superstars have arrived in the ring, with Ali hitting Nakamura first but seeing the opportunity, the econcontinental champion pushed Ali to the post. Ali returns but Nakamura strikes again. Ali covered with a superkick but was kicked out. Ali was about to jump on Nakamura now that Sammy Jane saved him. Ali now ran behind Sammy but was defeated by Nakamura by Kinshasa in the ring.

Winner-Shinske Nakamura

Charlotte-Carmela Vs Sasha Banks-Bailey

The first entry was by Charlotte, her reigning 24/7 champion Carmela came with R Truth. Sasha Banks is coming then Entered by SmackDown Women’s Champion Bailey. Banks and Carmela begin, both killing each other. Carmella covered with hitting the clothesline but was kicked out. Banks immediately tagged Bailey after Bailey hit cover but was kicked out. The two are tagging each other and killing Carmela.

Charlett gets the tag and hits Bailey first while Banks also stands on Ring Corner. Charlett catches Bailey in submission after hitting Suplex, Big Boot but Banks is saved. He covered Banks with Carmella’s tag but Bailey made the save, seeing the opportunity when Banks continued to win the division. After the match, Truth picked Carmella and ran away from there. While Bailey-Banks attacks Charlett. Becky Lynch arrives in Charlotte’s defense. Becky killed Banks-Bailey but somehow survived. Now there is going to be a backy Vs Banks match in Hal N A Sal.

Chad Gable Vs Mike Kanellis

Chad Gable has entered. Gable is doing a promo in which he said that my height is small, there is always some kind of joke with him. The same happened in the King of the Ring. Now Mike Kanellis has come out and is speaking out to fight. Gubble hit two suplexes as soon as the match started, then won by applying an ankle lock. Ilyas has come on the big screen after the match and is singing a song for Chad.

Winner – Chad Gable

Eric Rowan Vs Daniel Bryan

Eric Rowan is in the ring and talking about last week. They killed Bryan and Roman Rance last week. Rowan is saying that he felt insulted so he did it because every human needs respect.

Bryan has come out and said that if he wants to honor, he will fight the match and the match has started. Eric first hit Clothesline and then hit the ring post outside the ring. Bryan tried to return to the ring when Rowan hit a spinning kick. Now outside the ring, Rowan hit a powerbomb at the post. Bryan returns to the match and attacks Eric’s knee Brian is now continuously kneeling Eric at the ring post. Ye Kya Eric slammed Brian again after hitting a tremendous slam, now covered with a powerbomb but kicked out.

Bryan came back and hit a dropkick from the top rope and then yak kicks. Bryan has set up the mobilization move. Harper has come to the ringside but Bryan hits him as well. Now Eric Rowan picked up and slammed and won the match by covering. After the match the Bljin Brothers were clearing the commentary table but Roman Rance arrived, Rance first struck both. That’s when Bryan kills Harper while Rance Rowan kills Eric as Spear. Roman Rance now tries to join hands but Bryan refuses. After which Brian asked the fans if you guys wanted me and Rowan to form a team and fight against the Bljin Brothers.

Winner – Eric Rowan